For new + established wedding, Lifestyle, or motherhood photographers who are eager to grow their business

Elevate your Photography Business with Mentoring

The path to building your thriving photography business can be challenging when you’re trying to figure it out on your own.

You might have landed a few clients here and there, but you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and know support is the best way to get there.

Whether it’s determining your ideal client, figuring out what service you enjoy most, or questions with your camera, posing, editing, client processes, and more—I’ve got you covered.

Like you, I started at zero and spent a lot of time navigating and growing my photography business alone. I know how it feels to come into the industry with a burning passion for photography and no idea where to start.

That’s why I’m really passionate about helping you gain clarity and confidence in your business! 

This mentorship experience is completely customized to YOUR needs.

Here are a few examples of topics we can cover:

→ Crafting a brand that’s a true reflection of yourself
→ Cracking the code on getting more shoots and weddings booked
→ Attracting those dream clients you’ve been eyeing 
→ Growing an authentic social media following who wants to work with you and leveraging hashtags to grow
→ Building a successful blog that builds awareness
→ Saving time through batching your work
→ Improving your website design, content, user experience, and more to be seen as an expert 
→ Leveraging Google to your advantage
→ Building an efficient client management system to automate your workflows 
→ Balancing the growing demands of your photography business alongside your 9-5


I have two mentorship options depending on your needs.

Perfect for those who desire an all-encompassing mentorship experience. This package goes beyond a conversation, offering you an immersive learning encounter coupled with a practical hands-on photoshoot session.

What's Included:
→ Everything in the Tailored Mini Session, plus:
→ A comprehensive in-person mentorship session
→ Photoshoot session with a real couple
→ In-depth post-shoot session exploring workflow, editing, and culling
→ Immersive learning and hands-on experience combined

Delux Mentoring Experience 

Investment: $800

Perfect for photographers who are seeking focused and personalized guidance on specific aspects of their photography journey. 

What's Included:
→ Up to 2-hour session tailored to your chosen topics via Zoom call or in-person meet-up in Toledo, Ohio
→ Customized guidance on any part of your business from defining your brand, booking strategies, attracting your dream clients, social media, efficient workflows, website enhancement, and more

Tailored Mini Session

Investment: $350

Meet Your Mentor: Breanna

Hi, I'm Breanna

The heart behind Selah Photo Co. While I started with zero guidance, I now have a thriving 6-figure business, capturing over 50 weddings in under 2 years, and establishing a downtown Toledo studio—even while still working a corporate job!

My commitment is to provide you with the insights, confidence, and clarity you need to thrive. I'm here to guide you in crafting a brand that speaks your truth, navigating the technical intricacies, and balancing your photography career with life's demands.

Just as I believe in capturing candid, heartfelt moments, I believe in empowering photographers to capture their dreams, too.

I’d love to work with you! 

Mentorship is a strategic investment for both your personal growth and business success.

By investing in mentorship, you’re not only gaining valuable insights and knowledge, but you’re fast-tracking your progress. This mentorship will cut down the time you spend “figuring it out” immensely, so you can spend more time effectively marketing and growing your business.

And, I’m not going to be a one-time industry peer who stops caring as quickly as I started. I’m dedicated to supporting you beyond our container, so I can see you put everything we talk about into action!

I know investing in yourself can be scary, but it pays itself back in dividends.

Ready to unveil your full potential in the world of photography? 

Let's make it happen—apply now for the Photography Mentorship Program.